Frequently Asked Questions

- Where can I find instructions on how to use the software?

Our user interface is meant to be intuitive and simple to use. We encourage everyone to learn the portfolio analysis by creating a portfolio and running the simulations. That said, we also have a BearNBull Features video series , which will go over the functionality step by step.

+ Is there a detailed description of the finance theory supporting BearNBull?

+ What is the main purpose of BearNBull?

+ Who is the application designed for?

+ Do I have to pay for the application?

+ Should I use the application to make my financial decisions?

+ What are the benefits of BearNBull’s social features?

+ What are the next features on the roadmap?

+ Where does the financial data come from? And when is the information updated?

+ Which assets are supported?

+ How can I add a cash asset to my portfolio?

+ I can’t add a specific asset to the portfolio, what should I do?

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