Great New Features

July 2019 Update

We launched BearNBull over a year ago and I am proud to see how our application has evolved. We continue our work to support more features and serve more users. We’ve received tons of feedback during the past few months, which has been guiding our improvements. I am excited to announce a fresh update to BearNBull, addressing many of our users’ requests. Here are some of the new features that we now support:

Flexible Timeframe

Set a start and end date for the historical data used in the portfolio analysis. Quickly compare short versus long term trends. And analyze recently launched assets, which only have a few months of data available.

Assets Table with New Start and End Date Input Fields.
Assets Table - New Start and End Date Input Fields

When coupled with portfolio snapshots, it's easy to compare all portfolio results on the same graph and switch from one timeframe to another.

Portfolio Graph Comparing Snapshots.
Portfolio Graph - Comparing Snapshots with Different Timeframes
Portfolio Graph Comparing Snapshots.
Snapshots Table - Showing Timeframe Sensitivity Analysis

Min and Max Weights

Set minimum and maximum weight requirements for the optimization. The values can be defined per asset. This is a very useful feature when you don’t want the optimizer to zero the weight of an asset, or when you want to set a maximum exposure to an asset. An Efficient Frontier can still be generated. All portfolios along the Efficient Frontier curve, which are accessed by clicking on the green line, will satisfy the new weight restrictions.

Assets Table with New Minimum and Maximum Weights.
Assets Table - New Minimum and Maximum Weights

Short Selling

Use negative values for the shorted asset weights. And increase asset exposure by setting weights above one hundred. Optimizing a portfolio with short selling expands the Efficient Frontier. The process is simple: just set negative minimum weights (e.g.: -100) before optimizing to allow short selling. And set maximum weights above one hundred (e.g.: 200) to allow more asset exposure.

Assets Table with Short Selling Allowed.
Assets Table - Short Selling Allowed

Future Updates

Looking forward, we continue to pursuit our mission to build a simple and powerful portfolio analysis application for self-directed investors. As BearNBull grows, we envision the application helping our users with 3 key steps of the investment lifecycle:

  • Choosing the best assets
  • Allocating assets efficiently
  • Tracking portfolio performance

We have a great roadmap of features, which we are currently working on. Remember to reach out with comments and requests you may have. Just send us a note at

Enjoy the update!