BearNBull Update

September 2021

We just updated BearNBull with exciting new features. First, we are introducing a comprehensive asset research section, helping investors on the asset selection process. Second, we added a new set of features to our portfolio page, which gives a more complete view of the investment. And Third, we enhanced our social features, focused on helping retail investors learn from one another. Here are the details:

Extensive Asset Research

Whether you want to learn specific details about a company, or you want to dive deep into fundamental analysis, we are now offering comprehensive asset research capabilities to help you select the best assets for your portfolio.

Complete Statements

Complete graphed statements data, making it easy to digest all the information you need to analyze a company. Includes data from income, balance sheet and cash flow statements.

Complete Asset Statements.
Complete Asset Statements

Price and Volume

Up to ten years of price and volume data. And flexible date inputs that allow you to quickly choose a period of interest.

Asset Price and Volume.
Asset Price and Volume

Asset return

Asset return graph for analyzing performance over any time period.

Cumulative Asset Return.
Cumulative Asset Return

Stats and Ratios

Dozens of stats and ratios gives you a better picture of each asset performance.

Asset Stats.
Asset Stats

Profile and News

Company profile and news provides detailed and updated information about each asset.

Asset Profile.
Asset Profile

Capital Asset Pricing Model

Capital Asset Pricing Model analysis, with flexible historical data periods, gives you a great understanding of asset risk, expected return and value.

Asset Capital Asset Pricing Model.
Capital Asset Pricing Model

Better Portfolio Tools

We enhanced our portfolio analysis tools with a pack of new features.

Prices and Returns

Prices and returns graph for all assets in the portfolio helps you easily compare performance over a chosen period.

Portfolio Returns.
Portfolio Returns

Allocation Views

Multiple allocation views make it easy to assess exposure to different assets, category, sector and industry.

Portfolio Allocation.
Portfolio Allocation

CAPM Analysis

Capital Asset Pricing Model analysis helps you visualize how your portfolio and its different assets differ in terms of expected return, market risk and diversification.

Portfolio CAPM.
Portfolio CAPM

Improved Social Features

It has always been our goal to create a learning environment for self-directed retail investors. Easily search public portfolios on BearNBull and get new investment ideas. Share or follow any portfolio strategy with a click of a button. Clone a public portfolio, making your own copy to iterate and improve on. Comments are available on both portfolio and asset pages so anyone can engage in meaningful discussions with other investors.

Portfolios View.
Portfolios View

And Much More

That’s not all, in addition to US stocks and ETFs, we are now supporting multiple crypto, mutual funds and international stocks. We now have a watchlist for your favorite assets. We added popular assets and industries performance tracking on the assets page. And we created an asset trend feature, an easy way for you to save your trend expectations for each asset (bullish, bearish or neutral).

BearNBull is here to help you make better investment decisions! Looking forward, we have many exciting improvements on the roadmap. As we continue to develop our product, we truly appreciate any comments, ideas and feedback you may have. Just send us a note with your thoughts to

Enjoy the update!